Okay, so what am I writing?

Something funny, something deep, or something inspiring, preferably with a lesson or takeaway at the end others can walk away with. There are three main categories, so keep them in mind when writing your share-worthy story! If you want, call it out in your subject line in parenthesis so I know exactly which category you want to be featured in.

any rules for writing?

Keep it lady-like. Use common sense before submitting, so be yourself, but also remember your manners. This goes for comments too. Don't be a jerk.


If i submit a story, will i for sure be featured?

I wouldn't say "for sure," but don't let that discourage you from writing in at all!




is this website really just a blog? i'm confused.

I aim to make this website a weekly digital magazine, but it's really more of a creative outlet where the readers are the writers and the writers are the readers. New content will be published weekly instead of daily (Tuesdays to be exact). This gives your stories the chance to shine and have their moment without getting lost in the mix. There will be two to three new stories each week, so it won't be in your face all the time with newness. Because that's overwhelming for everyone.


will i know if my story gets published?

Uh, duh. I'll email you to let you know your story was chosen and when you can expect it to go live! New posts go live on Tuesdays, so if you submit a story on a Monday, it will be considered for the upcoming weeks, not the next day. I'm not a superhuman.