We're all doing the best we can to keep it together...ish.



My name is Diana, and I created Together-ish because I love to listen. I want to share empowering stories and voices of raw, real, and funny women so people from all walks of life can hear them, be inspired, and feel comfortable in their own skin. Remember, we're all in this together...(and we love to take a bath.)

I hope this is an outlet for strangers to share a story, relate to one another, and discover we're not so different as we might think.

In a society that's more divided than it's possibly ever been, I want to give us ladies the opportunity to come together...ish (via the internet) to share stories that may have the potential to connect and bond us. To find some common ground. To give others some wisdom, encouragement, and comfort. To share smiles, joy, and laughter; successes and accomplishments. To root for each other.

By sharing your story, whatever it may be, someone somewhere understands. In the same regard, everyone has a story they need to hear. So pull up a chair and get in here. We all have a lot to learn, so let's do the best we can...Together-ish.